Noël Elena
Graphic - UI Designer


_ Hi there !

_ Welcome on my website !

_ My name is Elena , I am a Graphic Designer currently leaving in south of France.

_ I have always been interested by the visual representation of life which is for me the meaning of art and design. I got a bachelor’s degree in Arts in 2015. After that, I had a diploma in Arts and Interactive Multimedia working on the visual representation of time and space through video, photography and virtual reality in 2016. And a Master of Interactive Multimedia at the Panthéon-Sorbonne University in Paris and working in the Interactive Multimedia Sorbonne Agency, linked to my studies.

_ Even today I remember the day when at 5 years old I discovered how to scan my plush toy and change its color contrast on the screen of a Windows 95 computer. To the little girl I was then, it felt like possibilities through technology were limitless. It is still true today, and I hope to continue exploring the possibilities of technology.

_ Feel free to download my resume below, look at my work on next tabs, and contact me for more information.

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_ Print and web graphic designer. I'm at your service to design any of your web project.

_ I am currently living in south of France but I'm ready to travel wherever work takes me !

_ Please feel free to contact me!